#Rockhaven: That’s the name of the 280 million year old rock at #TheHavenIpoh…

This rock is named Rockhaven and is 280 million years 0ld.



The rock formations at The Haven are said to be from the Permian Period. According to Prof. Dr. Bernard Pierson, Shell Chair in Petroleum Geosciences’ University Technology Petronas, the limestone hills that surround The Haven were deposited 280 million years ago.


Uploaded on Jan 23, 2011

Ipoh-born international supermodel, Amber Chia, announces the winners of The Haven “Name The Rock Contest” with The Haven CEO, Mr. Peter Chan, at a prize presentation ceremony at The Haven Site in Tambun, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Video shot with Samsung ST600.

The Haven Archives | Ipoh Echo (Archives)

Moonlight and Magic at The Haven as Contest Winner Walks Away With RM25,000

It was truly a magical evening with a full moon that cast a silvery glow over the entire site of The Haven Lakeside Residences in Tambun on January 22. The occasion was the announcement of winners of The Haven’s “Name the Rock” contest organised by Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd, developers of The Haven.

The contest winners had come from far and wide to receive cash prizes totalling RM50,000. The press and public were invited to witness the exciting finale to a month-long contest that had attracted over 2,000 entries from all over the world, including Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Rockhaven Wins

Lydia Teh (centre)

In the end, the lucky winner was Cambridge English for Life Centre Manager Lydia Teh from Kuala Lumpur, who took the RM25,000 grand prize for her name for the rock, which was simply “Rockhaven”. The overwhelmed mother of four was at a loss for words when she was informed that she was the grand prize winner.



A panel of three judges, headed by Ipoh Datuk Bandar, Dato’ Roshidi bin Haji Hashim (the other two were Professor Dr. Bernard Pierson, Shell Chair at Universiti Petronas, and Ms SeeFoon Chan-Koppen, director of Ipoh Echo)  selected the winning name “Rockhaven” for its simplicity and the fact that it would be immediately associated with The Haven.

Extensive Geological Study

Peter Chan

The Haven has been home to this 14 storey high imposing rock for more than 260 million years, according to Professor Dr. Bernard Pierson, who dated the rock after an extensive geological study into it. “Only three other places in the world have such rocks – Guilin, Halong Bay and Phuket. So Malaysians, especially Perakeans, should be very proud of the fact that we have such a rare species of geology in our own backyard, so to speak,” says Prof Dr. Pierson, who is passionate about his work. CEO of Superboom Projects Mr Peter Chan said that the contest was inspired by the rare geological find that the rock represents.



Supermodel Amber

The magical moonlit evening was also given some “star attraction” by the special appearance of Malaysia’s Supermodel and celebrity Amber Chia, who gave away the prizes.

“It’s such a beautiful night and I am so happy to be here to see the rock for myself at night. It looks truly magical, with the full moon reflected in the lake in which the rock sits. I have been to The Haven before in the day, and was so impressed that I immediately booked a unit. But at night it is truly a magical experience”, says Amber Chia, who is from Ipoh but now is based in KL. Amber bought a condo at The Haven “for investment as well as for “holidays here with my family, especially my husband and newborn baby son.”

Winning Slogan

Lee Tak Lung (centre)

The winning slogan, “Brings heaven, earth and man closer together” – submitted by Mr Lee Tak Lung from Penang – earned the top prize of RM5,000 cash.








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