#The Haven: Too good to be true — but it is

#The Haven: Too good to be true — but it is


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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Too good to be true — but it is

Nature’s wonders: The tower karst hills at The Haven is a rare geological feature only found in a few sites in South-East Asia.

SEEING is believing. Guests are in for a pleasant surprise upon entering The Haven – a world class luxury resort in a little town called Tambun near Ipoh city.

It’s only been a year but The Haven has already welcomed international citizens from over 50 countries to the world class luxury resort. The five-star development received a five-star certification from the Tourism and Culture Ministry.

Having placed Ipoh on the global map, The Haven will be the catalyst for tourism growth in the northern state of Perak.

Tremendous value

Surprised at how The Haven is “undervalued” for its complete facilities and top-notch service, guest Evelyn Ho from Renosis Industries Pte Ltd describes the rates as “a steal” when compared to her accommodation in Sentosa, Singapore. A stay at The Haven’s three-bedroom suite costs S$300 (RM899) per night – cheaper compared to the S$1,200 (RM3,596) she had forked out for a one-bedroom suite in Sentosa. While both she said were fine luxurious resort residences of equal standing, The Haven was clearly a more economical choice.

Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven, agrees.

“Most resorts in Asia command rates of over US$600 (RM2,513) per room per night. Also, the selling price of The Haven is truly undervalued considering the demand and potential.” The Haven is now going for about RM700 per sq ft as a condotel. It has the potential to command over RM3,000 per sq ft especially with it’s five-star rating.

A multiple award winner

The Haven has received high accolades and multiple awards, both local and international, in multiple categories. It has been recognised as a green and eco-friendly development, top in design and quality luxury residences and best hotel. Last month, The Haven was awarded the most prestigious property award yet – FIABCI’s “Malaysia Property Award for Best High Rise Development 2015” – and will represent the country in the global arena at the FIABCI International Prix d’ Excellence Awards to be held in Panama. The Haven will be competing with developments valued at US$2,000 per sq ft and above.

In October, The Haven won two other prestigious awards in Hong Kong – The Global winner for World Luxury Hotel Award (All-inclusive family category) and Asia winner in the Best Scenic Environment Category. While in London, it won the best Global Luxurious Retreat Hotel Award in all three geographical categories – Malaysia, Asia and Global.

Continuous support from all

Who could have envisaged that a hotel development in Ipoh could achieve world recognition? The Haven has indeed put Ipoh on the world map, pioneering the concept of luxury family vacations for three generations. Here, children, their parents and grandparents can all come together. The Haven has also become a catalyst for a confidence revival in Ipoh as it highlights the state’s natural assets, limestone hills and home-grown uniqueness.

“This will surely be a boost for Ipoh. Ipoh is now set to be among growing world-class-tourist destinations as the city flourishes in providing top-notch hotel services and facilities. We have been adjudged over hundreds of top world-class establishments from all over the world and are now giving Ipoh the confidence it deserves,” Chan says.



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