#TheHaven: Our Philosophy




Our first objective is to perform extraordinarily; in this case to complete the development well and also create happy and harmonious communities for our purchasers. This objective embraces the preservation of nature and civic consciousness.

Our second objective is to build and maintain relationships. This is all encompassing and includes government relationships, press, finance and industry relationships, contractors and suppliers relationships, staff relationships and of course customer relationships. Material success is meaningless if relationships are not developed alongside.

The requirement of profit is only our third objective. The guiding principle to our objectives is life itself. Life and what comes in the afterlife is what motivates us to be responsible corporate citizens. The provision of extraordinary service, creating value, providing quality lifestyle and stimulating harmonious communities transcends our profit objective.

To achieve its mission, the company has publicly stated its four important criteria and that is:

a) Absolute honesty.

b) Full dedication.

c) A willingness to take the absolute challenge in their career.

d) A willingness to serve others and to place others before self.

Our Philosophy

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