Jacinta Chong, Blogger: The HAVEN Luxury Hotel Suites In Ipoh, Malaysia

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The HAVEN Luxury Hotel Suites In Ipoh, Malaysia

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The HAVEN Luxury Hotel Suites In Ipoh, Malaysia


The Haven’s concept is to offer a most attractive eco-vacation destination of 5 star international standards with accommodation, food and service to match that caters to guests of 3 generations, parents, children and grandparents.

The Haven is situated on a site that has been certified by renowned geologists as predating the Palaeozoic times. When I google the night before I reached The Haven that Saturday afternoon, I was fascinated by the many nice pictures already but just never thought that I would fall in love with the real Haven paradise after having this blissful holiday.


The Haven centrepiece is an iconic 280 million-year-old 14-storey limestone outcrop “Rockhaven”, situated adjacent to a 4-acre natural-flowing lake. Such an awe-alluring place to be, I took my own sweet time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place for long.

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