Ipoh Echo Issue 235 on #TheHaven

Issue —

16 May 2016

Peter Chan, CEO ‪#‎TheHaven‬ Ipoh is featured in Ipoh Echo



Under The Haven Sdn Bhd, award-winning The Haven Ipoh Resort and Residences with its three towers, 26‑storey 512 units of high-end luxury condominiums, is fully completed physically and operating well with ongoing efforts in bringing up the value and desirability of the development through maintenance and service. For instance, The Haven is presently fully occupied with improving their overall service and quality of food. With its multitude of facilities designed to cater to residents and guests of three generations (grandparents, parents and children), it is no wonder that The Haven Resort Hotel is a 2016 Travellers’ Choice winner, the highest honour given by TripAdvisor.

According to Peter Chan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Haven Sdn Bhd, The Haven Ipoh, provide residents and guests an experience of living at the edge of a pristine primary forest within the perimeter of the city. The low cost of units provide tremendous value, and as eco-friendly as possible, it can be used as a residence, guest or retirement home at the same time.


“What Ipoh needs is ingenuity, fresh attractions and concerted efforts to make the city unique and attractive. Without these efforts, the chances are that Ipoh will down-slide to the days of 1990s again,” said Peter Chan, the CEO of The Haven.

Here in Ipoh Echo, we are definitely looking forward for more developments to build up the city that Ipoh truly deserves. Much like what was said earlier by Peter Chan, we hope the developers of Ipoh properties will take this opportunity to create projects that will not only be beneficial for tourists but also for its current residents.




Ipoh Echo: Wine And Dine At The Haven

Posted on : Monday 16 May 2016 12:01 AM

“Welcome to a development that has literally shocked the world. The attributes of Ipoh have long been overlooked. We appreciated, utilised and promoted it to Malaysians and the world,” said Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven. Among the attributes of the 280-million-year-old site, nestled at the edge of a lush primary forest endowed with aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, is its exclusive location in the pathway of many migratory birds.

Present was Director of the Haven, Tan Sri Haji Megat Najmuddin, an Umno stalwart and an Ipohite.

During the ultimate palate-pleasing experience, Perrier-Jouët uncorked their top-brand champagnes, Grand Brut and Blason Rosé along with MSG-free entrées and dishes prepared by The Haven chefs. The bubbly liquid was served in hand-painted glasses imported from Paris thus displaying its visual splendour.

The exclusive black-tie party was organised in collaboration with Pin Prestige, a Chinese luxury fashion and lifestyle magazine, Absolut Elyx, a premium Swedish-made vodka and Acca Kappa, an Italian-brand name for body-care and health products.

Mei Kuan


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