Little Iguana Iggy’s life at #thehavenresorts…

At #TheHaven, we have all manner of flora and fauna…

This is a little Iguana, a small one. Actually, a young one.

We shall call him IGGY.

2 July 2016

Iggy has become more elusive. This is a rare sighting of him.

Iguana 1 July 2016

Iguana 1a 1st July 2016

27 June 2016

One brief sighting and he’s gone. As he grows up, he becomes more aware of humans, and more nervous.

Iggy is happy to bask in the sun.


But it is just after noon and getting more than warm. 

“I’m so thirsty,” he thinks to himself.

Isn’t that water over there in the distance?


“Wow! I feel like swimming in that gorgeous pool!”


“Oh oh! Someone’s coming!”


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