When we were hungry: Senior staff eat at #Cuisines #TheHaven

20 May 2016

Last night, 19 May 2016, we were hungry, having worked till past dinner time.

Where should we eat?

How about our own restaurant, #Cuisines?

The prawns were freshly bought and so was the fish. These had been caught at sea a few hours before, and then brought to the nearby market. 

fresh prawns

more fresh fish


“Well, let’s go…,” said the biggest of us all. 

So off we went to #Cuisines, a casual minute’s walk from our office.

cuisines photos.JPG

Having given our order, we sat and chatted, and had one of the Food & Beverages staff take our photos..

That’s me with a tie on, on the right, closest to the camera. The General Manager is the one in the suit, on the left.



Then, the food arrived.

Fish head curry. It’s grouper.

The fish head curry is delicious, but each of us is a gourmet, so we already know what to tell the chef in order to improve on it. Our food must always get better, from Excellent to Perfection!

By the way, I brought some of the fish head curry home to my wife and her verdict was, “Good but can be improved on.”


This is the prawn salad.

Those guys finished it all before I realized it had arrived!

They assured me that the prawn was fresh (of course, I know that!) and WOW-wonderful (and I will have to take their word for it).


This is the Fish and Chips. The fish is grouper, part of the fish in the earlier photo…

It was the BEST fish in any Fish and Chips that I’ve had for many years. Almost always, you get dory or some other inferior fish, but here we serve grouper.


Here is our General Manager with his meal, Chicken Rice.


Here is a closer look at the chicken and bean sprout.


Aha, cheese cake for dessert, and off we go, back to work for some, home for me and the others…


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