From Emily To You: Break Fast This Ramadan at The Haven

Break Fast This Ramadan at The Haven

may 27,2016Author:Emily| Filed under:Goodie Foodie

Too tired to cook for the family this Ramadan? Hotel buffets are too mainstream for you?

Consider breaking fast this coming Iftar at Ipoh’s five-star resort, The Haven, where you get to enjoy a proper sit-down meal with your loved ones amidst a scenic natural environment.

1. Ramadan Dome at The Haven

Offered at the resort’s award-winning restaurant, Cuisines, on the specially drawn up menu are Acar Perak, Ayam Kari Kapitan, Daging Masak Hitam, Nyonya-style Chilli Prawns, Red Snapper Tauchu and Tumis Kacang Panjang with Sotong.

These flavourful dishes are best eaten with steaming hot white rice, which is also part of the menu. As for dessert, there will be fresh cut fruits plus coconut honeydew sago to appease that sweet tooth of yours.

2. Acar Perak

By now, I believe you are already curious about the price. Well, a table for ten is priced at only RM488* while a table for five is RM288*.

Enjoy 15% discount for early booking and fully paid before June. No service charge is imposed. 6% GST applies.

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