#TheHaven is OKU-friendly

The Haven is the most disabled friendly resort in this part of the world.

1 June 2016

Recently, a guest commented that he wished there were a car park space alloted to the disabled, termed OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) in Malay.

We do have one.

photo oku.jpg

All the entrances to all our Towers are built at a slight incline so that they are wheelchair friendly. 

This is the lobby to the hotel, Tower B.


The whole place has pavements that are wheelchair-friendly. This is just outside the hotel lobby of Tower B.



Wheelchair-friendly pavements have been built all around the lake.



Here is an elderly couple, Uncle Peter and Aunt June, being pushed around the lake by our caring staff.


There are wheelchair-friendly pavements and ramps that give access to even the swimming pool. 

We have built ramps all around the lake and into the swimming pool as well as the restaurant. 



Uncle Peter has a swim, accompanied by Peter Chan, CEO #TheHaven and Amy Lee, Director #TheHaven.


Our 2 covered car parks are just next to the driveway, and there are ample parking facilities everywhere. 


In the event that we have full occupancy, you could ask our 24-hour concierge for assistance.  Additionally, although the car parks are 2 ½ floors high, you could use the lift. If the lift is not working, you could ask for the assistance of the concierge.

Thus, guests have the option of dropping off their disabled family member or friend at the driveway or asking the concierge to push the wheelchair to the parked car. 

Additionally, we also have an OKU car park lot in one of the car park buildings and are now adding to that.


For your information, we do cater to our disabled guests and residents as well as we can.

 We do have a wheelchair friendly suite with widened doorway and grab bars in the bathroom. 

We have 5 wheelchairs on standby for the usage of disabled guests.

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