From Emily To You: The Haven CEO Birthday Celebration-cum-Thanksgiving

1. The Haven CEO Mr Peter Chan's birthday celebration-cum-thanksgiving

Delectable buffet spread, classy music and awesome friends from near and far set the tone for the early birthday celebration of Mr. Peter Chan. On the guest list of The Haven Chief Executive Officer included close friends, unit owners, business partners and associates as well as staff members.

2. Mr. Peter Chan gives thanks to the many blessings in life

3. L-R: Mr. Peter Chan, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Haji Megat Najmuddin  and a couple of friends from Kuala Lumpur

The evening was also a time to give thanks for all the wonderful blessings in life. In his brief opening speech, Mr. Peter said, “Let’s give thanks to the many great miracles of the universe! We give thanks to our precious life, to the nature that surrounds us and last but not least, to our relationships.

4. a duet by Dempsey (L) & Dr. Joanne Lim (R)

5. a scrumptious buffet dinner


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