The Haven Resorts, Ipoh, Malaysia is the 2016 Global Winner of Luxury Wedding Venue – 2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards…

23 June 2016




20 June 2016

We just won two more  awards to add to the 36 already won.

1. The Haven Resorts, Ipoh, Malaysia is the Global Winner of Luxury Wedding Venue

*2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards Global Winners:
Cuisines – Malaysia – Luxury Wedding Venue

2. Cuisines @ The Haven Resorts, Ipoh, Malaysia is the Malaysian Winner of The Luxury Restaurant Award.

*2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards Country Winners:
Cuisines – Malaysia – Luxury Hotel Restaurant


Datuk Jeffery Sandragesan (Malaysia Consular of Switzerland received the two Awards on behalf of The Haven).

His message:
Dear Amy, The Award Ceremony was great and I collected the awards on behalf of The Haven for the great achievements you all have reached…

Best Regards,
Datuk Jeffery Sandragesan




The Cuisines restaurant serves the best of local favourites in addition to other Asian, Western and Mediterranean cuisines. A pristine and picturesque environment with an alfresco facing the lake, nature and limestone hills, matches a perfect setting for a luxury restaurant. The restaurant serves only fresh and wholesome food. Only the best quality and natural ingredients are used and where possible, ingredients are purchased daily – with most sourced from local farms. Artificial ingredients or sweeteners are strictly avoided. Sample the home-prepared “Chicken Rice and Laksa”; “Ipoh Curry Laksa”, “Singapore” or “Penang Laksa”, which are guaranteed to be the best in town! Such an atmosphere and array of cuisine are not seen in any hotel anywhere.

Country: Malaysia
A varety of delicious meals on offer…




The winners for the 2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards:

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