When Eugene Pook came to grace the CEO’s Thanksgiving Banquet on 11 June 2016…

A Thanksgiving Banquet was held  for Mr Peter Chan, CEO and MD, #thehavenresorts on 11 June 2016.


Among the guests was Mr Eugene Pook, musician extraordinare.


Music Director & Conductor, Selangor Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Conductor, Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra

The Style and Substance of Eugene Pook, Musician and Conductor

Taken at #thehavenresorts
At Thanksgiving Dinner 11 June 2016

B i o g r a p h y

Malaysian conductor Eugene Pook is currently Music Director and Conductor of the Selangor Symphony Orchestra. He has made guest conducting appearances with professional orchestras such as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Pleven Philharmonic, and China’s leading orchestras such as the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Henan Symphony Orchestra, Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, and Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra. Eugene’s selfless contribution to the music industry has benefited youths and communities of all races and backgrounds as well as professional musicians in Malaysia and around the world. This is part of the process of developing into a civilized society that Eugene aspires for Malaysia. In 2012, he was awarded the “10 Outstanding Young Malaysians Award” by Junior Chamber International (JCI) for his cultural contributions and achievements in Malaysia.

Eugene Pook is also Music Director of the PSPA (Perak Society of Performing Arts) International Ensemble. Since 2007, the PSPA International Ensemble has been bringing in acclaimed international musicians to perform alongside with top Malaysian musicians, providing world-class tour performances across the country to give public performances as well as music workshops to nurture and inspire Malaysian youths.

In addition, he is also Music Director and Conductor of the Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS) which he oversees two orchestras – the Perak Philharmonic Orchestra and Kinta Valley Wind Orchestras, both are the first and only community orchestras in Perak for the amateurs.  Since 2010, KVSS has provided platforms for more than hundreds of amateurs musicians (who pay no fees to join the the orchestras) from various ages, backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. The objective is to attract amateur musicians from across society, who may have (or have no) talent untapped thus far, to come forward and develop their potential and to nurture their musical talents and enrich their lives. Eugene was the former co-director & conductor of the Encounter Training Ensemble of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Besides serving as a music director and conductor, Eugene is also a professional clarinetist who has performed clarinet recitals at prestigious venues such as: the Carnegie Hall (New York City); the Malaysia Embassy (Washington DC, U.S.A.); and the European Union Embassy (Washington DC, U.S.A.). He has also performed and toured with the American Wind Symphony, Toronto Philharmonic, Kansas City Philharmonia (USA), Northland Symphony Orchestra (USA), and Eastman Wind Ensemble (USA).

Eugene Pook studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada), University of Missouri – Kansas City (U.S.A), and the renowned Eastman School of Music (U.S.A) where the latter he was a double-award recipient. Eugene Pook is now conducting tutor at the University of Malaya. Eugene Pook is also advisor of the Youth Circle of Arts (YCA) Malaysia, and endorser of the Antigua Winds (U.S.A), and is also an active speaker for youths for across Malaysia and aboard.



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