Masjid Muhammadiah, Ipoh: Malaysia’s First Chinese-Muslim Mosque

The Masjid Muhammadiah, a Chinese mosque in Ipoh, looks like a Chinese temple.

Malaysia’s First Chinese-Muslim Mosque With 100% Chinese Architectural Design

The Muhammadiah Mosque in Tasek Jaya, Ipoh, is said to be Malaysia’s first Chinese-Muslim mosque with a 100% Chinese architectural design.



There is a dress code for both men and women.


No shoes or socks allowed. This gentleman will have to take off his socks.


The women have to cover up: arms, legs…the whole body, in fact.


What will they choose?

A red riding hood? As in Little Red Riding Hood?

This lady was quire tickled when she realised that this was her Little Red Riding Hood moment.

This other lady chose something different but looked just as lovely…

Women from the nearby area, following a religious lesson…


The Star

Monday, 26 August 2013

Ipoh mosque features Chinese architecture


IPOH: The RM4mil Muhammadiah Mosque here is said to be the first Chinese-Muslim mosque in the country with a 100% Chinese architectural design.

The roof is imported from Longyan in China and at a first glance people may mistake the mosque for a Chinese temple. If one were to take a closer look, the inscription at the entrance states “Masjid Muham­madiah”.

Mosque committee deputy chairman Datuk Dr Fadzli Cheah Abdullah said there was a similar mosque in Kelantan, but the architecture was not 100% Chinese.

“That one has Thai architectural influence,” he said.


Keunikan Masjid Muhammadiah – Utusan

Sep 9, 2013 – IPOH 8 Sept. – Sekali pandang, bangunan ini tidak ubah seperti sebuah istana lama yang banyak terdapat di negara China lantaran tertancap …


Masjid Cina Ipoh catat sejarah – Kosmo…sec…

Aug 21, 2013 – Masjid Muhammadiah yang terletak di Taman Tasek Jaya, Ipoh, Perak dibina dengan konsep seni bina Cina. Ia dikenali sebagai Masjid Cina …


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