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4 July 2016









Not One Tree Cut Down

Peter Chan

Developer Mr Peter Chan is very much environmental conscious. He does his best to keep everything in a natural and pristine state.

How does one embark on a development without despoiling the environment?

Waking up in the morning, walking towards the balcony, one will be able to experience the setting of the natural limestone hill and the lake. Stretch your body, take a deep breath, and absorb the natural energy from the surroundings throughout the day.

Living in such an environment is either a dream, or an art. This development makes this dream a possible art. The Haven Ipoh Resort Hotel and Residences is located in this pristine environment surrounded by the lake, green hills and the 280 million year old limestone hill named Rockhaven.

By the shallow waters of the lake among the limestone hills is the serene environment that is natural and special, comparable to the renowned Guilin, China.

The Haven CEO, Mr Peter Chan, said, “When building this paradise, not one tree had been cut down. The natural land and its surrounds including the lake has been left intact in the development.

A 600 metre long jogging track was built around the lake and the swimming pool was built right beside the lake. The infinity pool gives the impression that one is swimming in the lake itself.

Protected limestone hill

When asked about the concept of The Haven, Mr. Peter Chan shared a phrase from the momento book he had compiled and written. A page in it relays the message, “To protect the natural environment and to build a happy and harmonious community.” Every sentence and word in this book represents his thoughts and expectations.

Mr. Peter Chan puts high importance on interpersonal relationships, and of man’s relationship with the natural environment. This explains the design of The Haven and its tranquil and harmonious atmosphere.

One can see a lot of effort and details put in this development whilst taking a stroll on the jogging track by the lake. The plants by the lakeside consist of various types and scents. Many plants are labelled, encouraging people to learn more about the natural flora.

His inspirations have been derived from his love for nature.

“Most people do cherish natural environments.” However, we often do not appreciate their value until it is lost. If we do not develop and preserve this place, it can be lost forever.

Do note that some primeval limestone hills surrounding Ipoh are disappearing and many citizens do feel the anguish and sorrow.

Some may argue that a project such as The Haven is catering only to the wealthy; however, it is undeniable that this development has preserved nature and the adjoining precious limestone hill wall.

International awards continuously received

Mr Peter Chan is an Australian citizen but as discovered from his profile, it would be more suitable to acknowledge him as a world citizen. He was born and raised in Singapore. In 1979, he left his hometown to pursue his career in major cities of the world such as New York, London, Hong Kong, and many more. In the 1980’s, he migrated to Australia.

Upon reaching Australia, he was very welcomed. However, he suffered through continuous headaches for the first six weeks. Medical specialists were not able to determine the cause of the ongoing headaches. According to the last specialist’s diagnosis, the headaches were due to the change of the pace of life. Furthermore, the doctor was of the opinion that he was not used to the Australian lifestyle which was of a much slower pace. Given these circumstances, he decided to move back to Asia to pursue his career there.

Sought by a headhunter, he relocated to Malaysia to be appointed as the CEO of NV Multi Bhd which operates Nirwana Memorial. He was involved in the planning of the upmarket bereavement business and built a strong base for the company. Following that, he was appointed as the CEO of Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd and The Haven Sdn Bhd, developing houses in Subang and later on, in Ipoh as well, and for both of which he has received high compliments.

No one believed that the project conceived by Mr. Peter Chan, which aims to develop a luxury condominium in Tambun, could be successful; however, many good comments were made when it was completed. In fact, The Haven by the green hills and lake is now a renowned condominium and hotel which is an international multi-award winning resort.

Waking up among the Hills and Lake

Mr. Peter Chan himself owns a unit in The Haven. When in Malaysia, he stays in his own unit.

When asked of his feeling on waking up every day among the hills and lake, he repeatedly said, “Wonderful!” He added that not every place has such natural environments available. He has felt much relaxed for the past few years, waking up among the hills and lake. He compares this to the life in New York, which he remembered as stressful, waking up every day to the vehicle noises and pollution from the street.

“Last night, we slept at 1.00am and woke up at 7.00am this morning, but still feel refreshed,” he said.

Counting the miracles of nature excitedly, Mr Peter Chan mentioned that there was a middle-aged man whose sinusitis was cured after staying in The Haven for two weeks. There was also an intern who had a face full of acne, but whose condition improved tremendously after working in The Haven for just 2 months.

“Nature keeps nourishing us, but we always ignore the benefits that nature has given us,” he said.

The Haven Ipoh Resort Hotel and Residences has not only a beautiful and natural view, but the food provided also comes from healthy ingredients and contains neither monosodium glutamate (MSG) nor any artificial colourings. Besides that, the hotel does not impose any service charge.

In such a relaxed environment, will a man take it easy and lose his drive for perfection, which he is pursuing? His answer is “No, it will not happen. Nature is inspiring, and motivates him to think of how he can continue in his contribution to others.”

Giving is Meaningful

Mr Peter is a firm believer of living a life of “give and take”.

“You have a nice phone, but who designed this phone? You have a nice car, and by stepping on the accelerator, it can be driven, but who refuelled the petrol for you to use? You have a nice pair of spectacles, which gives you better sight. Many people have contributed to your life, but did you reciprocate?”

“Many people are only focused on taking advantage and benefits. Why should we focus only on gaining and not giving? As a journalist, you write to raise awareness in others, and in doing so, you are bestowing service to the community. However, assuming your parents have a spare US$200 million and you just hang around; then life is of no meaning to you.

The biggest present I can give to this world is to continue developing the eco-friendly hospitality industry.”

Mr. Peter Chan is now expanding the concept of The Haven to other regions and is now developing the hospitality industry to the south of Singapore, on Bintan Island. This condominium and hotel is located amidst, and surrounded by, all three water bodies and views of the sea, river and lake. It will be the next tourist destination.

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