Winners of The 1st Instagram Contest: Share your moments at The Haven

1st Instagram Contest: Share your moments at The Haven


Our 1st Instagram contest, themed on our guests sharing of their “Haven moments”, saw keen participation from guests who had stayed at our Hotel and had taken memorable photos of their stay, which also captured the essence of what makes The Haven so special.

The contest officially closed on 30th June, 2016, and it left us with quite a challenge in selecting the winners as there were so many high quality entries.

Based on the selection criteria and how the participants have captured the moments that have made their stay special, we have judged the winners to be as follows:

Grand Prize Winner: @chanwennhau;
Consolation Prize winners: @syiefasuhaimi;
@lindachai02;@mwlamm88; @yolanda_chai.

All Prize Winners will be contacted within ONE week, with details on how to collect their prizes.

We would like to thank all participants who have taken part in this contest. It was heartwarming to see their beautiful and memorable moments spent at The Haven Resort Hotel.


Grand Prize Winner: @chanwennhau


Consolation Prize: @syiefasuhaimi

Consolation prize 1
Consolation Prize: @lindachai02

Consolation prize 2
Consolation Prize: @mwlamm88

Consolation prize 3
Consolation Prize: @yolanda_chai

Consolation prize 4


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