Ferocious Bee: You shall not pass!

14 July 2016

buzzing bee_close up.jpg

I went for a walk this morning around Lake Haven. It is always a relaxing and often, an interesting experience. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, monkeys sometimes…

Nature is all around.

I had my camera with me, as always.

I crossed the little bridge that spans the lotus pond on one side and the lake on the other.

lotus pond.JPG

At the end of the bridge, the path (jogging track) continues. 

I walked on it.

Suddenly, I heard a loud buzzing. It came from a bee as big as my thumb.

It stood on the leaf of a plant beside the path.

Suddenly, it flew at me and went BUZZZZZZZZZ!!!

I had to duck! 

Then, it returned to the same leaf. 

Out came my camera, and I focussed it on the bee.

My camera went CLICK, and that set it off!

It came straight at me! It buzzed close to my head three times!

I understood the message, turned on my heels, and returned the way I had come. 

Safely back at my desk, I scanned the photos taken that morning and saw this: a photo of the bee just as it took off and came after me like a fighter plane.

buzzing bee_close up.jpg

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