The Jogging Track winds around Lake Haven…

There is a 600-metre jogging track that goes around the lake. It was built to encourage healthy and eco-living.

You can stroll, walk, jog or race on it.

You can start at any point. 

Some start at the Cuisines end. They will cross a little bridge.


When they arrive at the amphitheatre, they can stop and look across the lake.

I prefer to start at the Hotel Lobby.

From the Hotel Lobby, I can see the track.


The lake is on my right, and across the lake is the amphitheatre.


Farther along is the dinosaur, followed by a little bridge to the right.


If you turn right and use the little bridge, you will jog or walk 100 metres less.

I walk straight on. There is a stream on my right. Just a little farther along, I come to another little bridge that crosses the same stream.


I pass the meditation deck on my left, and keep going along the track.


Today, I am lucky because I see a monkey on a small tree beside the track. On a big tree next to the small tree are several other monkeys. I call the big tree the Monkey Tree as monkeys come to feed on its fruit.


Next, I pass the Butterfly Bush. Its yellow flowers attract many butterflies.


The hills above are misty today. The lake remains on my right, and The Haven towers are visible.

The track now diverges. Shall I go up the steps or continue at the level? 


I choose the steps, and pass an observation platform. I walk on, and stop briefly to take some shots of a lovely butterfly on the track.


I come to the little bridge before the Cuisines. The lotus pond is on the left.


After the Cuisines, I walk past the swimming pool and arrive back at the Hotel Lobby, from where I began my walk.


From Emily To You

The Haven’s Natural Environment

The Haven’s Natural Environment

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