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5 things to do in Teluk Intan – Tourism Malaysia Official Blog


5 things to do in Teluk Intan

April 12, 2016

Teluk Intan is a small town that is just 2-hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Once known as Teluk Anson, (Anson Bay) it was named in honour of Major-General Sir Archibald Edward Harbord Anson who planned for its modern township in 1882. A century later in 1982, the name was finally cemented as Teluk Intan which translates to ‘Diamond Bay’, where Perak rulers once held court for hundreds of years.

With a rich history solidified by ancient landmarks and friendly townspeople, Teluk Intan is sure to provide lasting memories for every visitor.



For a town that is barely 127 square kilometres wide, it is surprisingly busy. With the town in constant motion, the hustle and bustle of people about their day allows for visitors to immerse themselves entirely with the pulse of the place. From it’s colonial architecture, to its accessibility to the river bank and its colourful shop lots, the different elements come together to give travellers a sense of paradise. It also has all the modern day essentials for the urban traveller with shopping malls, a movie theatre and fast food joints scattered around town.


Of course, no trip to the riverside town would feel complete without fishing! For a fetching price of RM300 a day, you have the option to rent a boat from the town’s jetty and fish the day away! The calming waters and the cool and crisp breeze could just be what you need to escape the routine lifestyle….


Menara Jam Condong Teluk Intan or the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan is certainly a must visit. Built under the guidance of Leong Choon Chong, a 19th century contractor, this beautifully designed building was once used as a Japanese watchtower during World War 2 before becoming a national monument in 1957. Standing tall at height of 8-storey, this tower chimes every 15 minutes and only needs its mechanisms rewound every 7 days. Even though the tower looks like it has 8-storey, it actually only has 3 very tall floors. The lean of the tower is what makes it unique and is most prominent when standing in front of the tower. Although it is more of a tourist attraction nowadays, the tower was once used to store water for the town during a drought or in case of fire. A trip to Teluk Intan would certainly not be complete without a visit to this Malaysian wonder.

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Teluk Intan (formerly known as Teluk Anson) is a city in Perak, Malaysia.


Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

It is the center of Hilir Perak district and the third largest town of Perak state. Although the name means “Diamond Bay”, the town is not located near a bay. It is founded around the oxbow meander of the Perak River, making the town look like near a bay. The locals believe that in the future, the river’s flow will erode the narrow neck of the land between the loops of the meander and turn the town into an island.


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Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

Aug 9,2012 Author:Emily|


During my recent visit to Teluk Intan, I took the opportunity to climb up the Leaning Tower. I have been there a number of times, but not up the Tower. We could only climb up to 3 floors, although it looked like an 8-storey tower, but not everyone of us was brave enough to go all the way up as the stairs were quite rickety and narrow!
under the spiral stairs

The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan was built in 1885 by a contractor named Leong Choon Chong. This pagoda-shaped tower, with a base measuring 13 metres in diameter and a top measuring 8.2 metres in diameter, was originally used to house a water tank that supplied water to the town and as reserve during drought and fire. According to documents, it was also used to report time and served as a beacon to guide ships into Telok Anson Port. (Teluk Intan was formerly known as Telok Anson).

zh.JPGthe water well

Currently, the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan serves as a clock tower. The chiming clock was bought from London and installed in 1894. It was designed by J.W. Benson-Ludgathy.

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