The Haven Bintan

Bintan is undergoing a revival, with two new properties up and another 10 on the way

More hotels to open in Bintan’s new Lagoi Bay and Treasure Bay

Malaysian real estate developer Superboom Projects has broken ground on a 26ha beachfront property in Lagoi Bay, which will include a five-star 300-room hotel, a 1,000-seat convention centre, eight condo hotels, 32 villas, commercial space and a full range of amenities, including restaurants, sports facilities and a boardwalk. It should be completed in eight years.


Bintan Island
Island in Indonesia
Bintan Island is part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, a short boat ride from the city of Singapore. Its northern Lagoi area is an upscale resort destination offering championship golf courses, secluded beaches and diverse water sports. The northeastern Trikora strip is a less-developed coastline. To the south, the provincial capital, Tanjung Pinang, has Dutch colonial architecture and a rich history as a trade port.
Area: 23,188 mi²
Population: 334,875 (2010)
Highest Point: Gunung Bintan Besar (360 m)

Jakarta Globe

The Haven in Bintan, a Jewel in the South China Sea


As today’s lifestyle becomes more hectic and stressful, many of us dream of retreating to a calm and pristine place that we can call home. In this home away from home, we can withdraw from all the worries of the world, recharge ourselves and enjoy precious time with our loved ones.

But as the world’s population swells to over seven billion, these idyllic places are becoming harder to find. Many of those that are naturally pristine and secluded usually don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support a comfortable modern lifestyle.
For those of you who love the sun and the sea you may want to consider the tropical island of Bintan as your second home. A green jewel in the South China Sea, between Sumatra and Singapore, the island has been a secret getaway for local and international tourists for decades. Among Bintan’s charms are its unspoiled nature and wildlife, genuinely friendly and honest people, as well as its rich traditional culture. Its government and people have also done a great job in maintaining the island, which is very clean and orderly.
You can reach it by flying from Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang, the capital of Riau Islands Province. Visitors from Malaysia and Singapore can also reach the island by ferry.
The main attraction in the island is the Bintan Resorts at Lagoi Bay. The 18,000-hectare stretch of land, along the northern coast of Bintan, is maintained by Bintan Resorts Cakrawala (BRC), a joint venture between Indonesian and Singaporean companies.
The area currently boasts 13 international-scale resorts and luxury residential properties and four award-winning golf courses, all within a 20-minute drive from one another.
Last week the regionally acclaimed Malaysian developer, The Haven Sdn. Bhd., started initial development on The Haven Bintan Resort at the Lagoi Bay.
The Jakarta Globe was invited to Bintan to witness the project’s groundbreaking.
Prime location
“When we were first invited by the BRC to come (to Bintan) and see what they have, about four years ago, we were quite astounded that such a beautiful place, so close to Singapore, was so underrated,” said Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven Sdn. Bhd.
Chan likens Bintan to Hawaii of the East.
“Advantages that this island has to offer are clean air, clean water, good people, [good] infrastructure and very, very safe [environment],” he said.
“I’ve been told that in the last 17 years here, in this resort area, there has not been one crime reported,” said Chan.
The Haven Bintan will occupy 26 hectares of prime seaside real estate around the Indah Beach on the northern tip of Lagoi Bay.
The Indah Beach truly lives up to its name. The white sandy beach, which overlooks the South China Sea, is fringed with gigantic rock formations, clear rivers, tall pines and coconut trees.
The developer has dubbed it as “Asia’s Pride, South of the South China Sea.”
“It overlooks north to eight great countries, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and so on,” said Chan. “That’s why we’ve come up with eight great blocks facing the South China Sea.”
Among the planned developments of The Haven Bintan are condotels, hotels, convention centers and shops.
Eco development
“We will not destroy anything,” said the CEO. “We’ll not destroy any sea [or] any rivers. We’ll not cut down any major trees. We’ll only clear the bushes.”
“We’ll not cut down any slopes,” Chan promised. “We’ll keep the mangrove swamps intact. We’ll be 99.999% environmentally friendly.”
The Haven Bintan will have modern facilities that accommodate three generations — kids, adults and senior people. There will be an expansive playground and water theme-park for children, as well as gym and sports facilities for adults in this resort area.
According to the Chan, the whole area will also be friendly for people that have a disability.
“We’ll have minimal steps,” he said. “So, you can use buggies or wheelchairs to go around the whole development area.”
Singapore-based architect firm DP Architects is in charge of its planning and development.
The total development, which costs about 1 billion Singaporean dollars, will take about eight years to complete.
There will be five phases of the development. In the first phase, which is expected to be completed within two or three years, they will build two towers of condotels.
“[Condotel] is serviced condominiums that can also be rented out as a hotel [rooms],” said Chan.
Each tower will have studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom panoramic suites, ranging from 500 square-feet to 2,000 square-feet in size.
“It’ll be a good second home,” said Chan.
Their prices start from 275,000 Singaporean Dollars for each suite.
Their target customers are Indonesians, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Chinese, people from the Middle East, Americans and Europeans.
“Most of the advanced countries in the world have temperate climate,” said Chain. “They’ll love the hot weather here. And it’s also a chance for them to see the sun and the sand.”
The temperature in Bintan Island usually ranges between 27 and 32 degrees Celcius. Other than a few rainy days, the island enjoys a pleasantly warm and sunny climate all year round.
The developer is expecting to sell 50 to 60 percent of the properties within the first year of the development.
Local support
BRC’s group general manager Abdul Wahab also attended the groundbreaking ceremony of The Haven Bintan.
“This event marks another important milestone for Bintan Resorts,” said Abdul.
According to Abdul, BRC has invested more than 1.5 billion Singaporean Dollars to build modern facilities and infrastructure to support the luxury resorts within the area.
At present, BRC is also building an international airport in Busung, Teluk Sebong District, which is within 30-minute drive to the resort area. The development of the airport is expected to be completed in 2017.
“[With the new airport], we’ll be connected to the international market,” said BRC group general manager, Abdul Wahab. “People [from all over the world] can come to Bintan Resorts directly.”
The regent of Bintan, H. Ansar Ahmad, also welcomed the arrival of The Haven Bintan.
“I, on behalf of the local government and the people of Bintan, welcome the arrival of The Haven,” said the regent. “We hope this project will also attract other investors to come to Bintan.”
The Peak

29 June 2015

The Haven ready to develop ‘Hawaii of South East Asia’

BINTAN: Multi-award regional developer, The Haven Sdn Bhd, is venturing into their first overseas project here, with the development of the The Haven Bintan Resort, which is set to be the The Hawaii of South East Asia.

It would also propel the developer, from The Pride of Ipoh (Malaysia) to The Pride of Asia.

The Haven had emphasised its “condotel resort” would be exclusively environment friendly.

The developer performed a ground breaking ceremony on the 24ha site at Lagoi Bay last Saturday, while the foundation laying stone for the project would be held in two to five months.

Also present were several local government and resort officials.

Speaking to reporters after the launch, Chief Executive Officer of The Haven, Peter Chan said: “We assure the nature and environment of these natural settings will not be destroyed during construction work.

“We want to make it a top tourist destination … only boardwalks will be placed at the mangrove areas and no trees will be chopped.”

“Bintan is under rated and not exposed and we see the island as the potential to be the Hawaii of South East Asia.

“Bintan Island is perhaps the last unspoiled pristine frontier in a resort location in Asia that is close to conveniences of city living.

“In this case it is Singapore as Bintan is in close proximity with the Republic which is a 50 minute ferry journey.”

The completion of an international airport on the island is another catalyst for the development and tourist attraction.

Currently there are 10 hotels and four golf courses on the island.

The environmentally-friendly development will consist of hotel, convention centre, condotels, villas, shops and commercial retail.

The development would see the rise of eight of the tallest, largest and most exclusive towers in the entire Riau Islands Province (Kepulauan Riau).

Dubbed as “Asia’s Pride, South of the South China” the resort’s strategic position allows it eight condotels to directly face South China Sea and its eight countries and eight great rivers flowing into it.

Chan said the development of the project would be completed in five phases with the first phase of a 26-storey condominium with 300 rooms expected to be ready in 2017.

“We are currently in negotiations with partners locally and overseas for the development of the project.”

Chan pointed out The Haven brings a concept that not only enables visitors to relax within a beautiful, calm and exclusive location with pristine nature.

“Also a chance to invest and yield many fold of returns from their investments in the years to come,” he added.

Group General Manager of P. T. Bintan Resort, Abdul Wahab who was present at the event, said: “We are looking forward to (The Haven) to come to Bintan Island.”

He also noted to date some 500,000 tourists had visited the island.

According to him, the first Ironman competition in Indonesia would be held at Bintan Island on August 22 and 23.

“Some 800 participants from 47 countries had confirmed their participation in the event which will be another step to put the island on the international map.”

28 June 2015

Property Insight

The Haven Unveils Outstanding Environmentally-friendly Condotel Resort in Bintan, Indonesia


Regionally Acclaimed Developer, The Haven, Sees Bintan Island As The Hawaii of South East Asia

Bintan, Indonesia, 28 June 2015: Multi-award regional developer, The Haven Sdn. Bhd., today unveiled plans for an outstanding development of The Haven Bintan Resort in Bintan, Indonesia. The project will soon propel the developer from being The Pride of Ipoh (Malaysia), to The Pride of Asia.

The environmentally-friendly development, consisting of hotel, convention centre, condotels, villas, shops and commercial retail, is strategically located at Lagoi Bay. The development will see the rise of eight of the tallest, largest and most exclusive towers in the entire Riau Islands Province (Kepulauan Riau).

Dubbed as “Asia’s Pride, South of the South China Sea”, The Haven Bintan’s strategic position allows its eight condotels to directly face South China Sea and its eight countries and eight great rivers flowing into it.


Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven said, “Bintan Island is perhaps the last unspoiled pristine frontier in a resort location in Asia that is close to conveniences of city living; in this case, Singapore. Bintan is in close proximity with Singapore, being only 40 kilometres (50 minutes by ferry) away. I consider Bintan as The Hawaii of The East. The Haven site is surrounded by three pristine water bodies of sea, river and lake. These are the key reasons that have convinced us to be part of the region’s development.

We bring a concept that not only enables visitors to relax within a beautiful, calm and exclusive location with pristine nature, but also a chance to invest and yield many fold of returns from their investments in the years to come. The Haven Bintan makes it ideal as a second home for people from not only Singapore and Indonesia, but from the rest of Asia and the Middle-East as well.

The Haven’s concept of condotel caters to both discerning home dwellers and hotel guests. In the past year, The Haven Ipoh has garnered international acclaims such as Asian’s Best Resort Residence and World Luxury Hotel awards. To date, the developer of The Haven has received 29 awards, and still counting, nationally and internationally. The Haven’s developments in both locations of Ipoh and Bintan with lush grounds, are both environmental and handicapped friendly and the Haven Brand distinguishes itself in luxury and in its catering to all, both young and old, to all three generations, of child(ren), parents and grandparents.

The design of The Haven, in Bintan, crafted by DP Architects, is designed to be iconic and offers 360 degree views of amongst the most breath-taking views in this region.

For more information on The Haven Bintan, please visit The Haven website at or contact us at

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