Beautiful Butterflies at The Haven Ipoh in July 2016 #thehavenresorts #thehavennature

Butterflies and Moths, Real and Alive!

Videos. Pollination: Butterflies at Work

The butterflies are beautiful and varied  #thehavenresorts#thehavennature

31 July 2016

Beautiful Butterfly: The Clipper ‪#‎thehavenresorts‬ ‪#‎thehavennature‬

The Clipper is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South and South-East Asia, mostly in forested areas. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Parthenos sylvia
Higher classification: Parthenos
Rank: Species

b clipper 31 July 2016.jpg

30 July 2016


28 July 2016



21 July 2016


Butterfly Heaven #thehavenresorts #thehavenature


11 July 2016

A butterfly at Guard House 1 #thehavenresorts


1 July 2016


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