Hakka Food at Ipoh’s Han Chin Pet Soo (Malaysia’s first Tin Mining Museum)…

Hakka Food.


Han Chin Pet Soo (simplified Chinese: 闲真别墅; traditional Chinese: 閒真別墅; pinyin: Xián Zhēn Bié Shù) is Malaysia’s first Hakka Tin mining Museum managed by Ipoh World Sdn. Bhd. Located on the edge of Ipoh’s Old Town, close to the Kinta River. Within walking distance of the well-known Panglima Lane (Concubine Lane), it is the #1 attraction in Ipoh on TripAdvisor.


Han Chin Pet Soo was originally the home of the Hakka Tin Miners’ Club, founded in 1893.


More about the Hakkas.


It is thus, not surprising that photos of Hakka food has a place in the present Museum’s exhibits.

When you enter the building, the dining room is the first place you see. If you wish to eat here in this place, this is where you sit.



Give them 3 weeks’ notice and they will serve you and your guests a sumptuous Hakka meal. GENUINE Hakka food!


Hakka food.

A closer look at Hakka food.

These are easily found at eating places including restaurants.


These are harder to find but you could probably order them at the Hakka Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.


These are not halal.

steamed belly pork.JPG

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